Veterans Memorial Post 347

Community & Veterans Programs Supported by ALR Chapter 347

                                        For God, Country and Love of Community 

                                 These are not just words in a phrase, but the foundation for all we undertake in ALR 347.

       Here at American Legion Riders Chapter 347, we are driven by a single goal: to do our part to improve our community

                                                  and the lives of the veterans and their families who comprise it. 

                                  As with all of our fellow Riders Brothers & Sisters we proudly wear the patch of The American Legion Riders

                                                                     We Ride For The Cause, Not The Applause!!

 "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does" ----------William James



Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve developing and innovative ways to support the Legacy Scholarship Program begun by the National ALR in 200X.  Our support is built through efforts with local Legacy-related rides with other ALR Chapters, events held by our Chapter at Post 347, and the incredible generosity of our Post 347 Legion Family & Friends.


Members of ALR Chapter 347 are routinely searching for, and recommending opportunities to provide support (financial, moral, spiritual or physical) to members of our veteran community and their families.  This has been done through providing funeral honor escorts, local/national cemetary flag services, participation in local and Legion Family fundraisers, and direct contributions of funds and/or resources.

In keeping with the tenets of the American Legion Preamble, ALR 347 members strive to associate with each other and fellow Riders around Florida and the nation in the spirit of kinship and brotherhood.  We do this regualry through Chapter Rides, Multi-Chapter Unity Rides, the annual Dept. of Florida Legacy Run, various locally organized Poker and Toy Runs, and a multitude of Chapter activities held at the Post or in the community.