Veterans Memorial Post 347

1st Vice-Commander: Ellen Tierney


As we enter this last quarter of the 2023 membership year, I looked back on some history of our post.  Our Post was chartered in October 1988 with 72 members.  We moved to our current location in July 1997 with 883 members.  Since then, there have been 2 expansions to accommodate our growth and our membership has grown each year. 

As I write this, the numbers for last week have just been published – we are at 87% (6147) of the goal set by Department (7061). This includes new and transfers as well as those members ho renewed.  We ended last year with 6894, if my math is correct we are actually closer to 89%.  No matter what numbers we use, we still have about 12% to make 100% plus 1 by June 30th.  We would like to do that before if possible and we can do this with everyone’s assistance. 

Many new and transfer  applications are taken weekly.  We need to concentrate on those members who haven’t renewed. How you can help – if you know of a member who might be delinquent, a gentle  reminder to stop by the post to renew is most welcome.  Thank you for being a member of and helping POST 347 remain a great place to be for our American Legion family.

AIM HIGH- - - - Integrity First, Service Before Self

APRIL 2023



We have a lot of responsibilities being the largest membership post in the world, I think we might be held to a higher standard then other smaller posts…Our members support us in a way that many other posts can not begin to think of.  Our members volunteer for many positions and we are always looking for our newer members to become part of that volunteer team.

At this writing, we are on target to meet the 85% goal of 100% plus 1. Thank you again to everyone for spreading the word and bringing in your eligible friends and neighbors.  I look forward to meeting you each at our monthly membership meeting or when you visit the lounge to have a lunch or dinner. 


Integrity first, Service before self

MARCH 2023


We did it YOU DID IT!  We are ahead of the current membership goal set by the Department of Florida and National. Thank You.  As of mid January we have almost 300 new members and approximately 70% have renewed.  A reminder - if you do not have your membership card for 2023 you will not be permitted into the lounge.  If you have stopped by the Post recently you have noticed the increase in attendance especially on Tuesdays.  Welcome back to our seasonal members and new to the area legion family members.  Many are transferring to our Post, each for a different reason.  I’d like to think it is because we have so much to offer not only the many activities – BINGO, TRIVIA, MUSIC/DANCING and our great KITCHEN which is open almost everyday but because we support so many Veteran causes.  If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself and welcome him or her.  Let’s become not only the “Largest American Legion Post in the World” but the most welcoming.


Integrity first, Service before self



As I sit here thinking of words of wisdom, the first thing that comes to mind is how grateful I am for all our Legion Family members.  As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, membership is the heartbeat of the post.  Without you our members we could not do what we do best:  SUPPORT OUR VETERAN Programs.  Renewals are on track - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A 2023 MEMBERSHIP CARD now, you will not be admitted access to the lounge or any of our various activities (except Thursday Public Bingo) at the post.  New and transfer memberships are a bit behind but with the return of seasonal members to the area and new residents I’m sure we will be on track within a few weeks.  In closing, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR ASSISTANCE IN RECRUITING


Integrity first, Service Before Self



Welcome to the season of being thankful and joyful… As I write this we just had a great gathering of members/friends/family for Thanksgiving Dinner and the return of our Early Bird Dinner presented by the Auxiliary.

Membership continues to grow at a steady pace, we are less than ½ % point from the current goal sent by the Department of Florida.  These goals are monthly and increase 5-10% starting in September until January 1st.  After that the expected goals only increase 5% monthly.  For large posts it takes many to ensure these goals are met.  The next goal is 75% by December 7th,  Pearl Harbor Day.

Veterans visit the post daily and request to join or transfer their membership from other states.  On average we accept 60 new members each month and over 90 with transfers.   With the returning of our seasonal residents, I fully expect to meet our goals as renewals increase. 

EVERYONE MUST RENEW BY DECEMBER 31st in order to continue to enjoy all the activities we offer. 

Your help in recruiting is an invaluable service.  I thank each and everyone of you. 

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday.  Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

AIM HIGH-Integrity First, Service Before Self.



  As we enter November we are  reminded of cooler temperatures, the holidays and the return of our      seasonal residents to the area.  WELCOME BACK – have you    renewed your dues for 2023 yet?

The end of Early Bird Status is    Veterans Day November 11th.  If you have not paid your 2023 dues, please stop by the front office and pay them at your earliest convenience.  As I have stated in previous newsletters,   membership goals for all posts are set by the Department of Florida.  At this time we are on track meeting these goals.  Currently we are at 55%.  This number includes all those who have renewed, new members and transferring members from other posts.  The next goal is 65%.  On average, Post 347 has 50 members new or transfers each month helping us to meet those goals.  The largest part to meet the target is those who are already members and renew.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We look forward to seeing you soon at the post, partaking in our many activities and events. In closing for this month, I’d like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

AIM HIGH-Integrity first,   Service before self.-



Thank you to all our members for renewing your 2023 membership and recruiting new members.  Our next goal set by National and  Department is 55% by October 5th.  We are almost there.  The latest numbers available shows we are at a total of 3590 members.  These  include new members and transfers from Post 400 and nationwide posts.  Welcome to all to the world’s largest, friendliest post.

To meet our goal of October 5th, we only need less than 300 renewals.  On average, we receive 70 new applications monthly and many renewals come in daily. Because of this I am confident we will meet the target date. 

I believe we are the best Post in the Department of Florida with the many activities listed on page 3 of this newsletter and our website.  We have a little of everything for our Legion family to get involved.  We always can use volunteers.  So stop by the office or see an officer for more information on being a volunteer.

As our seasonal residents return I envision our numbers to continue to grow. So again, thank you for your support and assistance in recruiting and retention.  Remember- -BE AN EARLY BIRD! Don’t wait until your card expires!  Your membership expires on December 31st at midnight.

Aim High, Integrity  First,  Service before Self

October, 2022


“MEMBERSHIP” It’s what everyone’s focus is on. It is the District, Area and Department Commanders focus.  As we head to the end of the first quarter of the 2022 – 2023 year, I am happy to report that Post 347 is exceeding the first goal of 50% members new and renewed by September 8th.

The Department of Florida’s August 25th report, the latest I can obtain at this writing, states we are close to 47% or 3263 of a projected 7061 plus members.  Not Bad!  We’ve had over 2659 members already renew since July 1st for 2023.  If we continue on this track, plus the 70 new members each month, we will reach and exceed the 50% goal.  The next goal is 55%, by October 5th.  With your assistance we will meet and exceed that goal. Look for more information in the next newsletter. So again let me say THANK YOU for all your assistance. 

Aim High, Integrity First, Service Before Self

September, 2022


As I reviewed the membership standings from Department of Florida dated June 27, 2022 the summary is very impressive. 

We remain the largest post in the world by number of members, however we failed to meet our goal of over 7000. 

My goal this year is to exceed that number.  In the past year, we had 431 new members join us;  495 Paid Up For Life (PUFL) and 87 transferred from Headquarters Post.  

As I always say, RECRUITING is the mainstay of every post - each and every member is a recruiter.  When you are out and wearing a  baseball cap or shirt that says veteran, people will stop you and thank you for your service.  Thank them and then ask them  which American Legion Post they belong to. If they are not a member, invite them to come to the Post 347 front office to gather information on what we have to offer or inform them they can call (352)750-2202 for more information. 

Renewing your membership is also a big factor in maintaining our strength.  If you have not yet received a notice, you will very shortly. 

Renewing is easy – Send a check along with your renewal notice to:

American Legion Post 347    

P.O. Box 1534,                         

Lady Lake, FL 32158-1534


Stop by the front office during normal business hours to renew.  Your card will be mailed to you within the week.  Thank you all for helping the         membership team.

Aim High

Integrity First, Service  Before Self!

August, 2022


As I begin this term as your new First Vice Commander, I’d like to thank everyone for your continued support of Post 347 and myself.  Membership has been challenging for most posts since COVID, not only maintaining but recruiting new members.  I would like to see our membership grow this year as we have in the past.  I need your assistance.

Do you have a new neighbor/friend/family member who is a veteran?  Please bring them by the Post and let them see what we have to offer – not only our activities but the various charities and Veteran  organizations we support. 

Also if you haven’t already received your renewal notice, you will shortly.  Please pay by check and mail to the Post’s P.O. Box in Lady Lake listed in the header OR stop by the front office any weekday between 9-4 pm and the staff will be happy to assist you.  We will get your new card to you ASAP.

BE AN  EARLY BIRD!  Don’t wait  until your card expires!

Aim High

Integrity First, Service Before Self

July, 2022