Veterans Memorial Post 347

Post Chaplain-Lisa Johnson


Many of our friends are going back to their winter homes. This may leave some additional holes in our help.  Can you fill in for the summer?  Do you like to golf? Sell golf balls at the range or pick up golf balls.  A shift a week can really make a difference and prevent burnout from our current volunteers.  And Our last pancake breakfast is Saturday April 8 th from 7-11. Come down and have a great breakfast and support our volunteers, until we start up again in September.  Many hands make light work! Hope you can get involved.  God Bless

APRIL 2023


New year new beginnings.  Leave last years upsets and grudges in the past .  Welcome people back in to your life with a simple hello or how have you been.  Leave the door open for future pleasant encounters.  If someone doesn’t meet you with the same openness, they may be having a bad day just disregard and keep your warmth in your heart.  

Welcome to a New Year!



Christmas is the time for giving, sharing and helping others.  So if you know a veteran who wants to go shopping for a spouse but isn’t able to drive or who needs a ride to a doctors appointment or just simply wants to go out for coffee, call the legion office and ask for Christmas with the chaplain.  I would like to spread cheer to those who could use a hand or visit or just get out of the house . I am available all days through December except Dec 2,3,4 because Uncle Sam has my number those days.  Pay it forward this season and merry Christmas 🎄 



I had the opportunity to attend a coping with dementia clinic.  As we age, memory loss is a normal process but sometimes it’s more than just         aging  Dementia is the umbrella of symptoms and Alzheimer’s is the   diagnosis. What you might notice is the loss of the sweet and salty taste and want to add more to get the taste.  They loose vision fields, like having blinders.  Depth perception is lost, balance and gate difficulties.  Also people tend to loose their appetite and thirst.  Red stimulates appetite.  Red foods, served on a red plate can help.  Decrease in protein intake can also make things worse.  Sometimes people are just deficient in Vitamins D, B, potassium, sodium, and iron.  Those are reversable but need to be found to be addressed.   Just wanted to give a  snippet of what I learned .  

NOVEMBER 2022      


As we enter in to hurricane season, remember your neighbors who may not be able to prepare due to illness or injury.  Ask if you can help them put their patio furniture in the garage, or take their plants in or take down their flag.  It doesn’t cost you anything and it can do wonders for that person.  Small acts of kindness improves a persons outlook, for the do-er and the recipient.  

Blessed are those who help another. 

October, 2022


Since you were old enough to speak, we were taught to say hello, how are you as an intro a conversation.  When someone’s health is on the decline or terminal, those words can be turmoil.  Do they tell you the truth? Or say what you want to hear.  A kinder approach would be, “ it’s nice to see you” or maybe “ I’ve missed you”.  This acknowledges the person without asking them how they are which can be unsettling when a person is unwell.  Prayers to those who are going through such a battle.  God Bless. 

September, 2022


Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deeds.”

Many of us have more time than we did when we were juggling work, families, and household responsibilities.  You grew up in a time when families taught the upcoming generations how to work with their hands, from changing the oil in your cars, farming acres of land to grocery shopping, to cook a meal.  Being "generous to the poor '' in our day and age can be sharing those skills with someone else.  Teaching a neighbor how to change the light bulb on a golf cart, pulling someone's paper out of the sprinkler puddle, or inviting someone to a glass of lemonade. They may seem trivial to you and mean so much to someone else. 

God Bless

August, 2022


Thank you all that we’re able to come out and vote. I look forward to learning and supporting my fellow veterans in the up coming term.  I had the opportunity to attend the conference in Orlando for some Chaplain training.  Come up and introduce yourself so I can meet you, and please reach out to me if I can help you in any way.

God bless 

July 2022