Veterans Memorial Post 347

Post Chaplain - Lisa Johnson

So many of our friends are fleeing back north, keep an eye on your neighbor legionnaire friends. If you know of someone who is unwell, going into the hospital or rehab or just needs a friendly visit, please call the front desk and let them fill out a sick call slip so I can reach out to them.  Take care of your battle buddies.  God Bless Lisa Johnson

MAY 2024


As we transition to warmer days and more light, please remember to increase your water intake.  Hydration can make you feel unwell as well as add undo stress on your body.  If you know a veteran who could use a visit from the chaplain, please reach out to the office and they will get hold of me.  

God bless.



A new year always sparks how we want to improve ourselves.  Too much change is not sustainable leading to failure.  This year, pick an attainable goal with a timeframe.  I will walk 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks.  It takes 6 weeks to make a habit, so use that as a guide.  If you want to eat better, start with logging what you eat in one of those apps like “My Fitness Pal” or “Calorie King.”  The act of recording what you eat makes you mindful.  Small changes can make big improvements on your metal and physical health so you can continue to enjoy living The Dream.  Happy New Year to each of you and I will see you in 2024!!
Chaplain – Lisa Johnson

January 2024



As we enter this holiday season, be mindful of this year’s “ empty chair.”  You know the one that friend or loved one use to occupy?  Every person expresses loss differently.  Take this as an opportunity to spread kindness, even if you don’t really know them.  “Love thy neighbor”. BE THE GOOD!  And if that’s not something you can do, remember what your mom always told you, “ if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.”  Sometimes when are batteries are low, fuses are short, no words are kinder than sharp words or angry ones.  

May you shine this Christmas season.

God bless



As we see our seasonal friends starting to return, put a couple of hour aside to volunteer at the driving range or selling tickets.  If you enjoy yard work, see if our maintenance people can use a hand trimming the bushes  cutting the lawn.  Our post donates so much to our community and outreach, let’s help by giving some time to give back to the post.  Many hands makes light work.  

God bless



The summer has been exceptionally hot and that makes it  exceptionally long, especially for those who can't get out. Check on your neighbor, ask them if they need anything.  Be the person your mom raised.  Kindness is never over rated.



Since you were old enough to speak, we were taught to say hello, how are you as an intro a conversation.  When someone’s health is on the decline or terminal, those words can be turmoil.  Do they tell you the truth? Or say what you want to hear.  A kinder approach would be, “ it’s nice to see you” or maybe “ I’ve missed you”.  This acknowledges the person without asking them how they are which can be unsettling when a person is unwell.  Prayers to those who are going through such a battle.  God Bless. 

July 2022