Veterans Memorial Post 347

Who are the American Legion Riders?

Chartered in July 2017, ALR Chapter 347 is comprised of active members of the American Legion Family including Legionnaires, members of the American Legion Auxiliary and members of the Sons of the American Legion. Chapter 347 participates in local parades, fundraising rides, flaglines to welcome home our Heroes and Memorial Services to lay them to rest. We hold monthly Chapter Rides, are actively involved with the ALR Chapters throughout the region and statewide, often participating in Chapter Unity Rides, and generally ride in support of all of the programs of the American Legion.

We are a driving force for education of the youth of our community. To that end, our members participate in the Department of Florida’s in-state Annual Legacy Ride which supports the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund – a program which provides college scholarship funds to surviving children of Activ Duty members who have died on or since September 11, 2001.   In 2017, the scholarship was expanded to include the children of post-9/111 active duty veterans with a VA-determined service disability rating of at least 50 percent.

Yes, we’re bikers. Yes, we wear leathers and some of us are tattooed. But we’re also proud Americans (many Veterans) who work hard and, every day, provide service to the Community, State and Nation.

    For the Cause, And Not the Applause!

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