Veterans Memorial Post 347

Wilson Timmons Memorial for Best Overall Post Award

This letter was sent to the Department of Florida for consideration of Post 347 being voted Best Overall Post for 2020-21.

This should answer the question of "What did the post do during the pamdemic in 2020-21?"


Commander: Al Varrone

It has been a fairly quiet month at the post.  The VA continues to do vaccines for Veterans of any age who are registered with the VA Medical Clinic on Route 42.  As of this writing the VA has given approximately 10,000 covid injections.

On March 20th the post held an open house and membership drive which was fairly successful.  Many thanks to Joan Suelter, First Vice for organizing the event.

Looking forward:  The next membership meeting is scheduled for April 14th.  April 14th is the last opportunity for nominations from the floor for all post elected positions.

Just because you are new to the post does not mean you can't run for an elected position.  The post is always looking for new people to step up.


For God and Country

April 2021


Commander: Al Varrone

February is over and it had been a very eventful month.

The VA is wrapping up their first month of giving    vaccines in the hall. After making a few minor tweaks its been running very smooth. The only major hiccup has been the availability of the MODERNA vaccine. Starting week of February 21st, the VA will be adding the Pfizer vaccine which should help get more         veterans scheduled.

On February 3rd National Commander Bill Oxford    visited the post and toured the VA setup in the hall. He was so impressed that he stated in a message on the National Legion Website that “the collaboration between the South Georgia/North Florida Veterans Administration and Post 347 will save lives.”

On February 24th Department of Florida Commander Rick Johnson visited the post while he was on tour of the posts in the 6th District.

Looking forward, it’s time for nominations for all post positions. Any member in good standing can run for any position. The election will be held on May 12th.

Aim High

For God and Country

March 2021






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